What Is Diabetes?

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Diabetes Overview

  Diabetes is a disorder that affects the way the body uses food for energy. Normally, the sugar we take in is digested and broken down to a simple sugar,

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Risk Factors for Diabetes

There are many risk factors for type 2 diabetes. Some of them come from our family history and genetics and so are with us always, but some can be turned

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Taking Action Against Diabetes

When someone has any of the risk factors for diabetes, prediabetes testing is recommended. The main tests are the fasting plasma glucose test and the oral glucose tolerance test, although

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How is diabetes treated?

The major goal in treating diabetes is to minimize any elevation of blood sugar (glucose) without causing abnormally low levels of blood sugar.

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Diabetes Treatments

Diabetes is a complicated disease. It can affect many areas of your body as well as many areas of your life. Treatments for both type 1 and type 2 diabetes

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Medications for type 2 diabetes

t's important to remember that if a drug can provide more than one benefit (lower blood sugar and have a beneficial effect on cholesterol, for example), it should be preferred.

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Announcement : NIDAN a Medico Social NGO shall support the ADF for all its social activities unitedly. Gen secretary ADF and Chairman


Our sister NGO

NIDAAN involved in medical and sociocultural activities in Upper Assam.

Members of ADF completed their earlier research projects and published their works in national and international journals. Celebrating world Diabetes Day every year and other health care activities in collaboration with NIDAAN.

Members of NIDAAN supported a research methodology workshop on 24th and 25th April in Dibrugarh.


Satsang Vihar Road, Seujpur

Dibrugarh - 786001

Partners in Business

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